About Us

For most of my life, I worked as a Travelling Trade Show Associate and spent a lot of time working abroad and away from my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. Throughout countless years of my career, I got the privilege to travel all around the world, but it came at a cost once my wife and I decided to settle down and get married. The wedding was in the Fall of 2006 and was the best day of both of our lives. The one thing that we both knew would hurt was the fact that my job required a lot of traveling, and sometimes moving entirely. We decided to travel together for the first few years of our wedlock relationship, and honestly, it was perfect.

We traveled the world together with me constantly working, but we still had a blast doing it. The two of us got to see the unique structures all across the globe and create some memories that last a lifetime. While all this was going so perfectly, a lot of things would come down the pipe, and our lives would change for good.


While working in London, England, I got a call from my wife pretty late at night for me considering the time zone changes from Canada. With it being 5 hours ahead, I assumed there was some matter at hand. I immediately picked up my phone to hear her telling me I needed to come home. I continuously asked why, and finally, she opened her mouth and said the words I would soon learn to love, "I'm pregnant!"

I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I didn't know whether to tremble with fear or jump for joy but knowing that my wife and I were going to cross the threshold into parenthood made me realize my time in England was done. I told my team the next day and all of them were so happy for me, and later that day, I boarded my Air Canada flight home. I arrived home at around 6:30 PM in Toronto which was really 11:30 PM for me being jetlagged, but I couldn't stop smiling in the taxi ride home. I battled the tiredness and made it home just in time for dinner. The second I opened the door, I dropped my bags and my wife jumped into my arms with glee. We were so happy to know that we were going to be parents, we just couldn't wait. Now, I'm not going to highlight every section of the next 9 months so let's fast forward a few years...


The time is June. It's now 2016 and our daughter Julie is just about to turn 1. Me being the traveling worker I am, was in Berlin, Germany heading home in 5 days after my huge business meetings with the world-famous car company BMW. After a while of face timing my wife for over a week, I started to get these lonely feelings, as I remembered I didn't have any photo or memorabilia to remember my two favorite girls. After a long day's work, I called my wife and instantly teared up thinking about my family at home.

I thought to myself, I ought to find the most unique way to bring the family spirit with me whilst I'm abroad. What better way than with a photo album. Sure enough, on my next trip, I would see my luggage bags misplaced on the airlines, including my most important book of pictures. I never got that back by the way, and it still hurts me to this day. I knew that I needed my personalized way of bringing my family with me.


Fast forward to 2019. Little did I know the world would soon be shut down and change the way our society operates forever. I had grabbed some lockets and such to bring my cherished photos with me, but still wish I had something more special. That's when I noticed the coolest customizable film roll for sale in the Philadelphia airport. I immediately thought to myself, what if I had a special film roll I could have with me at all times? I went into the shop and picked it up to have for myself.

The worst thing about this was the fact that it was clunky. I could barely keep it in my briefcase without it unraveling everywhere and making a mess when I needed to reach for something. Then it hit me, what if this magnificent roll could fit on my lanyard or keychain? At that moment, I knew I had to make this happen. When I boarded my plane and I could use my electronics, I instantly searched for various suppliers of these film rolls.


I found my new partner on Google after searching for about an hour, I could just tell we had some chemistry after messaging back and forth for half an hour. We discussed the idea of turning these into smaller segments, with key rings to keep with you as a keychain accessory, and we both thought it was perfect. About two weeks later, I got a prototype in the mail. This thing was absolutely perfect, I knew that there were tons of people out there like myself who would buy our item. With my family's support, I opened this very store and started selling the most fantastic keychain additions on the market.

It's now 2021. I'm finding myself updating this page with nothing but the happiest of thoughts. Since COVID-19 has lightened up a little bit here, I've been able to board an airplane again and conduct my business as usual. Every single time I step on a plane, I look down and see my beautiful daughter and wife smiling back at me as if they were here with me. Wherever I am, they come too, and they cheer me on through any tough time I may have. It's funny, I find myself just sitting here for hours staring at the amazing memories we've made as a family, and am so happy that this keychain idea is now a reality.


I created this store with hopes that every person out there can store their favorite memories right by their side. For travelers like myself, having your family tucked away into your pocket is a charm of luck, and is something that keeps us going throughout the day. There's no better way to stock your most memorable photos than with this excellent keychain accessory.

We've now been able to scale our business to new heights with my wife getting involved. With our daughter at school all day, she's consistently making sure our website is up and running to perfection. We work as a unit, and without her, I would not be where I am today.

I'd like to personally thank each and every person who has joined our memorable community. Whether you're missing a loved one, in need of some joy, or looking for a trendy style to add to your keychain, we've got you covered. We've done everything in our power to make sure you have the best customer experience possible, and we hope that your time with us will be one to remember!

We hope to see more and more photography lovers joining our community in the coming years. Our family can't thank you enough for supporting us through a global pandemic and making sure your photos are intact and by your side.

The Camera Roll Photo Keychain is a wonderful way to keep those you love most close to your heart, always!

If you have any questions or concern, feel free to contact us by email at info@camerarollphotokeychain.comor by phone (347) 363-3539