A Trending Birthday Gift - Personalized Moon Lamp

A Trending Birthday Gift - Personalized Moon Lamp

A Trending Birthday Gift - Personalized Moon Lamp


Personalized Photo Moon Lamp


Personalized Moon Lamp, it is a trending gift for any occasion especially if you are looking to give a birthday gift. Each Personalized Moon Lamp is specially designed with 3D printing technology. These 3D printed photo moon lamps become one of the best gift ideas after photo gifts. You can easily buy this photo moon lamp from the camera roll photo keychain.

Moon Lamp

These 3D printed moon lamps are made with eco-friendly materials. These include a free wooden lamp stand. These Moon lamp sizes come in 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm. It has a rechargeable battery, 2 hours charge can last up to 8 hours. You can have the picture of whom you want to print these moon lamps with a nice quote. These can act as perfect home décor to your bedroom and living room.

3D Printed Photo Moon Lamp

Personalized moon lamp gifts are new and high on utility can bring a smile whenever you present this gift to your loved ones. When you switch on these moon lamps in your dark room, it looks like having your personal moon in your room. Based on your mood you can choose the color and effect that you want. This moon lamp is still new and very high on surprise. We all know how important the surprise factor is in relationships and in birthday presents.

Personalized Moon Lamp

The personalized moon lamp is a great photo gift that will be delivered to your chosen address. Shop Now on Camera Roll Photo Keychain.

3D Photo Moon Lamp